Podcast Advertising

A New Frontier

of Growth Marketing

Podcasting is experiencing an outstanding growth. More people willing to consume on-demand content, Internet-connected devices like smart speaker and faster Internet connection are the main drivers of this thriving industry.

some facts about podcast advertising:

Did you

Know that?

People spend on average 4 Hours/Day listening to audio

Source: The Podcast Consumer 2018 from Edison Resarch: here

According to a study from IAB and PwC, the Podcast Ad Revenue in the US alone represented $ 314 Million in 2017 and it is estimated to grow to more than $ 650 Million by 2020.

Source:  here

podcast advertising

Is Effective


The products and services you learn about on podcasts are generally relevant to your interests


You are more willing to consider products and services after you learn more about them on podcasts


Your opinion of a company is more positive when you hear it mentioned on one of the podcasts you regularly listen to


When price and quality are equal, you prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on podcasts


In case you are wondering about Podcasting:

Podcasting is emotional. It is intimate. It is powerful. This combination creates the perfect scenario to convey a message to potential customers. Different to other advertising channels, listeners will be more likely to be receptive to a message that is portrayed along the lines of their favorite show.

The most common ad formats are Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post roll ads, ranging between 15 and 90 seconds.

Ads can be read by the host or pre-recorded and then inserted in the podcast. These two different types of ads have both advantages

The most common method is to calculate on a CPM basis (which stands for Cost per Thousand Impressions). This metric is commonly used in online advertising and now adopted to podcast ads. In podcasting CPM reflects the number of downloads measured by the publisher. It is important to note however that CPMs between podcasts and traditional online ads are difficult to compare. Podcast CPMs are normally higher than online ads. They are however a totally different experience from a user standpoint. Podcast is a premium medium, offering an outstanding and intimate experience (it’s in your ear!) and having the power to build a strong and long-lasting connection to the host.

Audiomy has developed a strong network of podcasts in most European countries like Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Spain among others. The main reason why Europe is the strongest region is because of Audiomy’s background. With more than 10 years active in the European online advertising landscape, many learnings where gathered and transferred to the podcast advertising space. We have built a strong network and developed long-term relationships with local publishers. We are experts in localizing based not only on language but also in multiple cultural preferences.

Yes, absolutely. Although our core strength is the European market, we are also continuously building new relationships in other countries and regions of the world, like North America, Asia and LATAM. Furthermore, apart from podcast advertising, we are able to tap into multiple audio sources where we are able to programatically reach users at scale in basically any region of the world.

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