cover image Velohome

We want to give the bike a home in the podcast world. We want to talk about our sports equipment and the events we visit with it. We want to find a place where our hobby is talked about in the way we would with friends and like-minded people.
We deliberately do not want to restrict ourselves thematically. We will discuss current events in the peloton, but we would like to give just as much – if not more – space to sport for everyone. There are so many beautiful events out there that we all attend. We would like to talk to you about this! Surely there will also be a corner where we would like to talk about all the great things that you can buy, because if you are honest, most cyclists are really big at filling shopping baskets to the bursting. Or as Christof once said from “Panic buying is the coolest”.

We look forward to everyone who wants to participate and contribute. Be it with ideas for a conversation, with a story that he would like to share with us, or a product/event that he or, of course, would like to share with us.