We apply the learning methods of the memory world champions to your learning projects and memory problems and help you to achieve enormous memory performance in no time at all. Always practical and relevant to everyday life, we answer your personal questions here in the podcast for you.
Increase your cognitive memory by 200, 300% or more with rethinking memory.
Whether learning a new language, memorizing names, learning vocabulary or memorizing allergy ID cards for medical studies, whatever you want to memorize, from now on you only need a short time for all of this. Ancient learning methods such as the Gedächtnispalast make this possible. Florian is a learning coach and memory trainer with many years of experience, he will answer your personal questions on the subject of memorizing and learning faster here in the podcast for you.
Learn faster and never forget what you have learned? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Just listen in and see for yourself.