Your podcast for self-love, joie de vivre & motivation. Caterina Pogorzelski is a power woman with numerous talents.
With her self-confident and open manner, she shows women, no matter what size they wear, to face life positively and confidently. Your podcast “MEGABAMBI” reflects the new one Female generation reflected. Her contributions are about self-love, fashion, enjoyment and well-being, but also about gratitude, self-care, empowerment and how important a network of strong women is. It is the little things in life that are important: to look positively into life has to be learned – so preserved
provide their listeners with inspiring tips on:

* Why self-love, body acceptance, and self-care are so important.
* Affirmations and positive mindset – what exactly does that mean?
* Business lady, mother, girlfriend and partner. How do I do it all at once?
* Diet, vital energy and a good mood – do they belong together?
* Styling made easy: How important it is to feel good about your body, no matter what size you are
* Can you learn or train self-confidence – or is it in the genes and upbringing?
The colorful potpourri is supported by impressive guests who come to us at their
Let current topics take part, maybe steer us towards something completely new or to think about
stimulate – no more and no less – that is MEGABAMBI by Caterina Pogorzelski. Your podcast for
Self-love, joie de vivre & motivation.