cover image Meditation für jeden Tag

Welcome to the podcast Meditation für jeden Tag! My name is Paulina Thurm and I will take you by the hand with my voice and accompany you through the meditations. Since January 2019 I have published a new guided meditation every week – now there are well over 200 for a wide variety of occasions: for starting the day, for falling asleep, as an accompaniment to various challenges of everyday life. Be it for stress, self-doubt or a headache, to relax in between, to lift your spirits or to increase your self-confidence: it is now a huge archive of meditations. Here in the podcast you can find some of them completely free of charge. You can find all other meditations on my meditation platform and app House of Peace. For a better overview, they are sorted into categories and without intro and outro for a pure meditation experience. You can find all information, including what else awaits you besides the meditation and how you can try the House of Peace for free, on my website I look forward to meditating with you!