cover image Masterminds Podcast

The E-Learning Group presents the MASTERMINDS Podcast – the podcast about further education, careers and current business topics. We talk to experts about current topics in the areas of marketing, digital transformation, data management and leadership. MBA students who report on their distance learning are also regular guests. Everything in a relaxed atmosphere, informative and entertaining.
Manuel Fink, Head of Product Development of the E-Learning Group, will moderate. Manuel is a passionate podcast listener himself and has been with the e-learning group since 2017. His roots are in marketing, where he continues to take on some activities. In the meantime, however, he is mainly responsible for the analysis, planning and development of new e-learning formats. The MASTERMINDS podcast is part of the MASTERMINDS universe of the e-learning group. The platform offers exclusive information with added value, geared towards professionals, managers and junior executives – prepared in four separate areas: blog, podcast, job portal and glossary.