The Mainathlet Athletics Podcast is all about sport and athletes from all disciplines. I will regularly interview active and former German athletes. I also let trainers and supporters have their say. So far have been Gesa Felicitas Krause, Alica Schmidt, Thomas Röhler, Kai Kazmirek, Lisa Mayer, Kamghe Gaba, Pamela Dutkiewicz, Julian Reus, the Hahnertwins, Raphael Holzdeppe, Wolfgang Unsöld, Michael Pohl, Achim Achilles, Alexandra Wester, Andreas Behm, Sven Knipphals, Thea Heim and Katharina Steinruck as guests in my program. In addition, there are always episodes on the topics of the Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, nutrition, regeneration, mental training and strength training.