The “I LOVE CASHFLOW podcast” is the knowledge bomb on your way to a self-determined and financially free (money lover) life. Lars is your guinea pig and gives you valuable hacks on how to successfully build your own passive income. All content withstands the reality check and has a guarantee of authenticity. The motto of the contributions is “100% lived yourself” and not just copied something! We clarify which investments are suitable for building your own passive income, which paths and strategies there are in principle and which make sense and how income automation works. Further topics are entrepreneurship, self-marketing, business strategies, management, dealing with people in business, MONEY intelligence and of course financial freedom. Lars and his interview guests motivate, inspire and give you food for thought while you are doing sports, on the way to work or just taking a short break. If you want to take yourself to the next level in terms of quality of life, the “I LOVE CASHFLOW podcast” is just right for you!