Beziehungsweise Unverblümt

A podcast about open marriage, sex, love, relationships and the colorful LGBTQAI + community.

The Hamburger Torte Sarah and Nick have been a couple for 12 years. In 2014 they get into a crisis that calls into question the conventional model of a monogamous relationship.

In this relationship podcast you will get personal, blunt and deep insights into your relationship / marriage. Watch how Sarah and Nick develop their first polyamorous relationship in a three-way construct. Immerse yourself in the world of dating with them.

This podcast not only provides information about alternative forms of relationships, but also provides many skills for a stable relationship. It is about questions about sex, kinky, desire for children, sex parties, contraception, outing, tantra ceremonies etc.

There are also always new, exciting guests from the LGBTQIA + community waiting for you for the colorful variety.